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COMSOL Multiphysics 4.3b 4.3.2 build 189

COMSOL Multiphysics 4.3b 4.3.2 build 189

COMSOL Инк, лидер в области программного обеспечения для моделирования. Multiphysics, объявила о выпуске новых крупных дополнений к COMSOL платформы моделирования. В последней версии COMSOL Multiphysics, версия 4.3b, вводит пять новых специализированных модулей и расширения моделирования и анализа.

Update Details for Update 1
COMSOL Multiphysics

- Geometry objects that you add to a Work Plane's Plane Geometry no longer hide any projected or intersected wireframe.
- The mesh generation no longer creates an unnecessarily fine mesh for some 3D geometries.
- Creating a swept mesh for a domain with isolated linking faces now works.
- The Circular edge plane type for work planes now works correctly also when you run in a client-server mode.
- PMLs now work together with geometries that include virtual geometry operations.
- Fixed a problem with units in inputs for a few user-defined functions.
- Results while solving now works correctly for models with multiple studies.
- Performance improvements for the SOR line, Vanka, and SCGS solvers.
- Improved handling of probes.
- Multiple plots in the same plot group now appear correctly using DirectX rendering.
- Fixed graphics problem for Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8.
- Fixed problem that occurred when exiting the program on Linux.
- Minor improvements for the sensitivity and optimization functionality.
- Improved stability and user interface.

AC/DC Module

- In the Magnetic Field Formulation physics, selecting Linearized resistivity and then changing the Conduction current relation in Faraday's Law now works correctly.
- Fixed equation display for the subnodes of the 3D Single-Turn Coil.
- Gauge Fixing for A-Field now handles Magnetic Potential and External Magnetic Vector Potential boundary conditions correctly.
- Units can now be used in the specification of the primitive vectors in the RLC Coil Group feature.
- Voltage-driven Multi-Turn Coil now correctly takes Harmonic perturbation into account. Batteries & Fuel Cells Module
- You can now use model inputs for Porous Electrode nodes in the Secondary Current Distribution (siec) user interface.

CFD Module

- The Mass Flow boundary condition now works with curved boundaries.
- Improved default solver settings for Reacting Flow user interface. Chemical Reaction Engineering Module
- Changing the reaction type in a model now works as expected.
- Improved default solver settings for Reacting Flow user interface.
- The Species Transport in Porous Media user interface now takes time derivatives of the fluid volume into account.

Electrochemistry Module

- The Heat Transfer in Porous Media and Thermal Dispersion features are available in the Electrochemistry Module.

Fatigue Module

- The fatigue usage factor in stress-based models is now set to zero for states with high compressive stresses.

Heat Transfer Module

- Removed duplicated postprocessing variables sections.
- Fixed definition of the enthalpy variable. It now supports pressure-dependent material properties.

Microfluidics Module

- The Mass Flow boundary condition now works with curved boundaries.

Molecular Flow Module

- Specifying a very high pump speed in the Vacuum pump boundary condition no longer result in negative pressures.

Particle Tracing Module

- The Diffuse scattering option in the Wall boundary condition now gives the correct angular distribution for the particles.
- The Diffuse scattering option now works correctly when selected as the Otherwise option when using conditional boundary conditions.
- The Collision frequency is now set correctly in the Elastic Collision Force feature when setting it directly and using the Monte Carlo collision model.
- The correct force density is now computed in the Fluid-Particle interaction feature.

Plasma Module

- The Microwave Plasma interface now works correctly when used in conjunction with an Electromagnetic Waves interface.
- The Mass Flow boundary condition now works with curved boundaries.

Semiconductor Module

- Setting the Carrier statistics property to Fermi-Dirac and the Solution property to Majority carriers only now works correctly.
- The Thin Insulator Gate boundary condition now gives the correct results when the Formulation is set to Finite element.
- The quasi-Fermi energy levels now have the correct dependence on the degeneracy factors.
- The generation and recombination features now work correctly when the Solution is set to Majority carriers only.

Structural Mechanics Module

- Coupled Shell-Solid models with shared names of displacement variables now work correctly.
- Fixed error in Spring Foundation and Added Mass for 2D axial symmetry.
- Avoids error conditions that could appear when mixing a Linear Elastic material with a Linear Viscoelastic material in 2D Plane Stress and when adding a Linear Elastic material after a Linear Viscoelastic material.
- Corrected an error when Prescribed Velocity or Prescribed Acceleration was used in a fluid-structure interaction analysis.

Wave Optics Module

- Removed coupling between counter-propagating waves at curved boundaries.

LiveLink for MATLAB

- The mphviewselection function now supports all geometry selection types.
- Fixed mphmatrix to support evaluation of system matrices for eigenvalue studies.
- Fixed error in the computation of complex integrals by the functions mphint2, mphevalpoint, mphmax, mphmean, and mphmin.
- Fixed display of principle stress/strain plots in mphplot.
- Fixed plotting of arrow plots with the function mphplot.

LiveLink for Inventor

- Fixed a problem that could cause a switch of assembly components during synchronization.
- Fixed several issues with results plots in One Window for Inventor.

Год: 2013
Язык: английский
Таблетка: присутствует
Размер: 4.05 Gb

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